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Scoop Script 2004
Downloads: 4792
Developer: Website
OS: Windows All
License: Shareware
Size: 2048 KB
Date added: 10-12-2005
Scoop Script 2004 free download
free download Scoop Script 2004
Scoop Script 2004 description
Scøøp Script is an IRC script for mIRC specifically designed for both beginners and advanced users. During the last two years, it has become one of the most downloaded scripts in the world. It is a total secure script, wi protections agains virus, backdoors etc.

Scøøp Script has a hefty amount of functions, tools, protections, funny tools and others. The script has nickserv, chanserv, and memoserv functions imbued in an uncomplicated dialog box.

Scøøp Script is compatible with all the major IRC networks such as Dalnet, Undernet, EFnet, and IRCnet. The script is also compatible with medium- and small-sized networks; we have gone through a lot to ensure the script is compatible with all of today's IRC networks.

» Compatible with last version of mIRC.
» Easiness of use, script was developed for use by both advanced and begginers.
» Lots of tools such as: Spell check, Sound System, MP3 Player with Play lists system, Pictures viewer, Lag meter, Nick colors, File Server, Alarm, Diary, Away System, Whiteboard, Email system, Auto Color, Color Emoticons, On-line translator, Super convertor and many others.
» A Servers Central tool that list the main servers and channels in the major IRC Networks.
» Easy to configure, majority of script's options are easily configured. Since 2000 version all the main settings can be made through windows dialogs.
» Hundreds of Quotes, jokes and love quotes to edit, send to a user or channel or just to your self fun. Also you can manage all the quotes in a easy Quote Manager
» Personal protection system protects you of all kind of attacks that you can suffer in the IRC, it comes with protection against NetBus, BackOrifice, script.ini and a trojan scan can detect 81 types of trojan-virus.
» Pop ups and dialogs with all chanserv, nickserv and memoserv commands. Services like X, AustNet ChanOP, GalaxyNet services etc.

What's new:

» works with mIRC 6.12
» new script design, more beautiful and useful.
» improved themes system
» new online translator
» notify list importer
» balloon (like win xp) messages (under settings/general options)
» improved protection system
» new quotes and jokes
» updated servers list
» bugs corrections of the version 2003
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